Help Main Street Deli in Williamsville stay in business after heartbreaking post

“Good morning, Williamsville. I am sorry to say this will be our last few weeks in business. We will be closing at the end of the month.”

That’s the start of a Facebook post Main Street Deli in Williamsville shared today after throwing in the towel because construction on Main Street has been detrimental to their business.

“Although I have done everything to try and save it, I just don’t have the means to do it any longer. I hate to let it go and am so incredibly sad but there’s nothing more that I can do. Thank you to all our wonderful customers I’ve met in the past year, your smiling faces have brightened each and every day. It has been a true pleasure.”

How sad that a owner of a small business with so many hopes and dreams has to give it all up because of unforeseen construction. We encourage all of you to frequent this deli if you can and make a difference in the life of someone who is trying their hardest. We bet the food is pretty good, too!

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