Local couple in the running to win wedding of their dreams!

Maria Territo and Roger Evans of Western New York are in the running to win the wedding of their dreams at the Salvatores 20K Wedding Giveaway and they need our help to win!

In July 2010, Maria almost lost her life. She was camping when a little boy found a handgun that he didn’t know was loaded and began playing with it. He accidentally shot Maria in her right leg, which shattered her femur and severed her femoral artery. She was rushed to the hospital by Mercy Flight WNY and had to spend the next seven months in the hospital recovering mentally and physically with her family by her side.

“After the accident, I was in a pretty rough spot and then I met RJ and everything changed,” she said.

“I knew she was gonna be the one,” said RJ, who said he knew because he was always so nervous around Maria.

RJ proposed to Maria in 2017 with her family present. Her stepfather sang a song while playing guitar and it was a moment she will never forget. She says she had no idea.

Fast forward to 2020, and the beautiful couple had to postpone their wedding, but for a very wonderful reason. Their newborn son, Lincoln, was born on Feb. 21. They couldn’t be happier.

RJ says he loves his fiancée because she is always giving back. Maria is an EMT who aspires to be a nurse, something she felt called to do after her accident. She and her family also fill up the family lounges at Children’s Hospital with lots of goodies so parents don’t have to leave their children’s sides.

“We want to give them hope because hope is really everything,” she said.

After all Maria has been through and persevered, we think she and RJ and baby Lincoln deserve the world. Please vote for them to win the wedding of their dreams. You can vote through March 8. You must verify your email to have your vote count: https://salvatoresgiveaway.com/salvatores-20k-wedding-giveaway-video?contest=video-detail&video_id=2147

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