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Local couple offers ‘spring clean up’ service to help offset cost of their dog’s medical expenses for rare disease

A local couple is willing to work hard to pay for their dog's medical expenses for a rare disease. They are offering a spring clean up service to help clean up your dog's mess from the winter!

While many SPCAs have an abundance of surrendered dogs due to health issues, one Buffalo couple is striving to do everything they can to help their dog, Lug, with his.

“As some of you might know, our dog, Lug, is pretty sick with a very rare disease that doesn’t allow his body to fight off his allergies, etc. We have been making bi-weekly trips to Cornell University Animal Hospital and his bills add up very quickly, as his meds are close to the cost of our mortgage. I’ve been looking for side jobs to offset some of the cost, as we are not looking for handouts,” said Alyssa Hulbert.

Alyssa and her boyfriend, Adam, are offering to clean up your dog(s) winter mess as spring is right around the corner. The price starts at $40 for a spring clean-up, depending on yard size. The couple can take cash or Venmo.

“I really prefer to work for money, as I am able bodied,” the post on Facebook read. “If you’re not interested please, please share or tag your dog owning friends in the Buffalo area!”

Here’s the original post to message the couple:

We admire their efforts to keep their dog safe and healthy no matter what the cost or hard work it takes!

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