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Local photographer offering sunflower sessions with your dog

A local photographer is offering a very special photo session for our four-legged friends at everyone’s favorite sunflower location!

Emily Allen of Tailor Mayde Photography is hosting sunflower sessions with your dog at Sunflowers of Sanborn – and the best part is half of the session fee will be donated to Niagara SPCA!

“I grew up in Sanborn so the first year the fields were there, I think I was just as excited about people knowing a place called Sanborn existed, as I was about the beautiful fields.

When I first found out about the sunflower fields, I was going on what felt like my twelfth year of pregnancy (I was just about 42 weeks pregnant). I basically just stationed myself 24/7 in the air conditioned house on top of a yoga ball while being hand fed all the spicy foods until he finally came. At this point, I had put my camera down to focus my time on my growing family and I knew ‘there was always next year.’”

But next year never came. I drove by the new location last year multiple times and you could tell they were working hard to make it a memorable visit for everyone that made the trip. So I was pretty upset as were many, when we found out there would be no Sunflowers in 2018.

Needless to say, when I saw they were opening again this year, I knew I needed to fill those fields with pups!

The Niagara SPCA was a quick 10 minute ride from the house I grew up in. So when I turned 18 and had the freedom of a car and spare change for gas, I’d go to the SPCA to see the pups. I knew I wasn’t allowed any more dogs at home but just going there, squatting down on the ground, talking to them in that funny dog voice we all have and giving them a little scratch through the fence would make my day and I knew it meant something to them too.

A friend of mine that is involved in a local rescue recently said, ‘It’s not just a hobby you can set aside a few hours for, its a commitment you pour your whole heart and soul into.’ I am happy to donate a portion of my session fees to those that care and live to make the lives of animals as amazing as they possible can.”

So, what are you waiting for? Book your session with Tailor Mayde Photography for Aug. 14 and Aug. 18 here:

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