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Niagara SPCA helps obese Beagle lose close to 40 pounds

Honey weighed 68.4 pounds when she was dropped off by her owners to be euthanized. But thanks to loving volunteers at Niagara SPCA, she's well on her way to a happy and healthy life.

Honey, a Beagle rescued by the SPCA of Niagara, is just as sweet as her name sounds. She spends her days smiling from ear to ear now, so you’d never know she had a rough life prior to coming to the shelter.

Honey was surrended for euthanasia by her owners in June of 2017. She was severely obese, so much that she could barely walk. She weighed 68.4 pounds.

She dragged herself around by her front legs and sat in her own feces and urine most of the time. She also had a skin tag on her stomach that was caked in feces and her owners thought it was a tumor. Her nails had grown into her paw pads and she had a cherry eye and a bacterial infection. But even though volunteers knew they had a long road ahead, they made it their mission to get Honey back to health.

She has now lost almost 40 pounds thanks to the SPCA and Pinewoods Rehab where she has been exercising on every week. They say they’ve never seen an improvement as great as Honey’s.

Check out Honey exercising here!

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