No one interested in adopting little puppy who has been through so much

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Sweet Buffalo To The Rescue, Sweet Pets

A little puppy named TiVo is looking for his forever home but unfortunately no one has shown any interest in adopting him, despite what he’s been through.

TiVo’s mom is Zoey, the rescue dog Sweet Buffalo and Bellreng’s Towing & Automotive recently had a puppy shower for. He wasn’t able to attend because he was very ill (worms were passed through his mom’s milk). His foster almost thought he was a goner but fortunately he pulled through!

Now this sweet little guy is looking for a forever home. He’s had no applications whatsoever. We hope to find him a home! If interested in adopting him, fill out an application with Open Arms Rescue of WNY here:

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