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Please share! This abused and neglected puppy needs our help

It’s hard to tell what breed this dog is. This 10-month-old English bulldog lived in a cage at a puppy mill ever since she was born. Neglected and abused, you can hardly see her adorable wrinkly face and bright brown eyes anymore.

Volunteers at Pixie Mamas Rescue, a local animal rescue in Western New York, has taken this poor puppy under their wing, but it’s going to take time. Talia, as they’ve named her, has Demodex mange and she is very itchy and uncomfortable. Her paws are wide, very swollen and she has blisters in between her toes from the wire. Her muscle tone is weak from never being able to run like a normal puppy, so her walk is wobbly and she is unsure of herself. She has a cherry eye that is bothersome to her yet was left unrepaired.

Although she is friendly, her foster parents say she sits in a corner because she’s not sure what to do or how to play. While the rescue says she will be able to physically healed, the emotional scars she has endured during her short life can never be fixed. Hopefully with enough love and kindness from others here in WNY, Talia can have the happy life she truly deserves.

So how can you can help?

Call Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg at 716-646-4023 to make a donation directly for her follow up visits or via PayPal at

And if you can’t give financially, just sharing this post will make all the difference.


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