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P.U.N.T. Pediatric Cancer Collaborative helps 80 families fighting pediatric cancer this holiday

"Goodness. Selflessness. Christmas magic. Kids will search the skies for a glimpse of it, far off in the distance."

The moment a family hears the words “your child has cancer…” their world is turned upside down. That’s why a local charity aims to do everything they can to lessen the burden that pediatric families face.

P.U.N.T Pediatric Cancer Collaborative was able to adopt 80 families fighting pediatric cancer this holiday season thanks to the generosity of a community that cares. 

“We had the blessing of enough donors to adopt every single family on treatment this year plus a year off treatment and every bereaved family who has lost their child within the past year,” said Gwen Mysiak, Executive Director of P.U.N.T Pediatric Cancer Collaborative.

More than 120 donors stepped forward and created a waiting list to adopt a family. Every single family facing pediatric cancer and those who have lost their children since last Christmas received gifts to make their holidays a little bit brighter.

Families were able to drive down to the Eagles Hall in Depew to pick up their gifts before Christmas. Meghan Benimoff, whose son Desmond just beat leukemia, was at a loss for words when she came home with enough gifts to fill her entire living room.

“I’m humbled and blessed by this organization in ways I cannot begin to explain,” she said. “I got home realizing the magnitude of the gifts. No matter the troubles the world seems to throw at you….there are people, whether it be family, friends, strangers…that will be there for you when the time comes.”

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