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‘Save Moore Boobies’ brings family together to support mom fighting breast cancer

On Oct. 1, the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Chris Moore sat her six children down and told them she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.

On Oct. 1, the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Chris Moore sat her six children down and told them she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.

“We were all shocked, devastated, and had so many questions,” said Meaghan Zimmer, daughter. “Breast cancer (or any cancer for that matter) does not run in my family, so we were beyond shocked. When you learn someone you love so much is going through something like this, all you want is to take it away.”

But Zimmer says her mother would never want that. From the moment she told her children about her diagnosis, she has faced cancer with bravery, strong faith, and humor.

“It helps all of my family cope a little better because she has handled it such an inspiring way. Her and my dad laughed about signing him up for Tinder and joked, “We have yet to find a way to profit from this, but we are still working on that.’ ”

Zimmer says her mom is the strongest woman she knows. It’s difficult raising one child, nevermind six.

“My sister put it perfectly when she said, ‘Bullies, mean teachers, lazy grocery store employees, the elderly walking too slow, none of them stand a chance against Chris Moore, and that’s how we know she is going to kick cancer’s butt!’ ”

The family, proudly wearing their pink “Save Moore Boobies” T-shirts, gathered together this Saturday at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event held at Canalside Buffalo. Moore’s daughter and granddaughter from Texas also flew in to walk by Moore’s side.

“My family has always been close, but this diagnosis has brought my family together even more than before,” said Zimmer. “It was incredible for her to walk alongside other women fighting this battle, as well as the amazing survivors.”

Zimmer says her mother is the type of mom who has always been there. She never once missed any of her six children’s sporting events or boring school plays. She sacrificed everything to be there for her kids, and still does to this day.

“Even as she begins her battle, she is so focused on our lives and what she can do to be there for us,” she said.

Moore is grandmother to her three grandchildren and she is the sole caretaker of her mom who is in a nursing home and struggling with dementia.

She visits her every single day.

Her whole life, she has also put aside everything to care for her son who has autism.

But next week begins a long battle of her own. She will start with six months of chemo, followed by a double mastectomy, then about six more months of radiation. It’s going to be a long fight, but through all of this, Zimmer says the outpouring of love and support her mom and family has received is beyond incredible.

“So many women have come forward with their stories of the battle they faced with breast cancer. Hundreds of people offering prayers and support has given my mom so much strength and a big will to fight. She’s received countless calls and texts offering help in any way possible. My siblings and I have had a huge outpouring of support as well.
It is beyond inspiring how something so devastating can bring people close, and offer so much hope to a woman who is about to go the the most difficult time of their life.”

Moore talked to her daughter during the walk about her biggest fear throughout all of this. She is afraid that all of her talk about facing this head on, and being strong, and being humorous, may go away when she has a bad day, or is in terrible pain and just wants to quit.

“My cousin Brett said, ‘When you have bad days (which are most likely going to be inevitable) you are gonna have so much love to fall back on that I don’t think questioning whether the fight is worth it or not is ever going to even be thing.’ ”

“Cancer sucks, but the love and support my mom and family has felt in the past few weeks is like nothing I have ever seen,” said Zimmer. “I am beyond thankful for the love my mom is surrounded by and I truly know, she’s gonna kick cancer’s butt!”

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