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Say a prayer for Pancho Billa and his family as he enters Hospice

Ezra Castro, famously known as Pancho Billa, continues to be an inspiration to all. He turned his love and passion for the Buffalo Bills into a form of healing as he battled cancer.

Sadly, things took a turn for the worse on Sunday and Castro was rushed to the emergency room. His plans to attend the NFL Draft were cancelled and he asked for prayers for himself and his family as he focused on his health. Today, he made a heartbreaking post on social media.

“My fight continues and my faith continues. I’ll be in Hospice care from here Amigos. Love you to death.”

In January, Castro reached out to us to compliment Sweet Buffalo Rocks and our efforts in the community. He asked for a Pancho Billa painted rock and a nice woman happily painted it for him and we shipped it off to Texas.

Just chatting through Facebook messenger, we could tell that Castro was just as kind and good-hearted as he appeared in the news. We believe in the power of prayer and we ask that you all pray for this amazing person who inspired so many of us during his battle. He always kept his head held high and continues to fight cancer with bravery and strength. He’s an awesome human being and he has a beautiful family who needs your prayers, too.

Castro posted this photo on Twitter a few hours ago in the hopes to get Bills tickets for his son (Panchito) and daughter (Panchita). We hope to see this happen for them. We love you, Pancho Billa.

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