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Secretly awesome playground in WNY you must take the kids to now!

Hidden in the heart of Pendleton (and when we say hidden, we mean because we’ve never seen it until last weekend) is the most incredible playground of your children’s dreams.

It’s called Mason’s Mission and it’s literally the nicest park in all of New York State and the best part is, it’s free! My family and I went to Mason’s Mission Pendleton Park Playground after my kid’s Tee-ball coach suggested we all meet there for practice and myself and the kids were blown away.

This park isn’t your ordinary park. It’s like something you’d find at Disney World, but that’s because this park was made for a purpose. It’s an inclusive playground for kids of all abilities, started by the Mason’s Mission Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to bring these parks to all kids in WNY. Their motto is “because every child deserves to play.”

According to their website, the organization was started by the amazing parents of Mason, Matthew and McKenna. Mason and Matthew are disabled (with an undiagnosed form of Hypomyelinating Leukodystrophy) and cannot walk, talk, or play outside with their sister. When their parents went out to find a place for them to play where they could integrate with their siblings and other children, they quickly learned there was no place within at least 50 miles. This was unfortunate because they really wanted a place where their kids could go and not feel any different from other children, but one did not exist.

Their first thought was to purchase equipment for their own backyard, but then they came to the realization that they are not the only family facing this dilemma, and that’s how Mason’s Mission was founded.

The Pendleton Park was the first one built in 2017 (there’s even a zipline!) and now the family is building more in WNY. This just goes to show that all it takes is one idea and people who care to truly make a difference in our children’s lives.

If you would like to make a donation to help further this incredible mission, you may do so here:

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