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Starving dog with broken leg found hiding on Hamburg family’s back porch, saved thanks to their kindness

Thanks to a Hamburg family’s kindness the dog was saved, but she will need her leg amputated immediately.

Last Saturday a Hamburg family was taken a back when they found a starving dog on their porch, hiding behind their barbecue. They brought her in so she could keep warm but noticed she hadn’t been fed in a very long time.

After bringing her to the vet, the family found out that she was very malnourished at only 12 pounds and had been living on bird seed to stay alive. Her rear leg is completely broken and needs to be amputated.

They said it appears she’s had a few litters of puppies. Unfortunately it is also believed she may have been left to fend by herself on purpose and found her way to the kind Hamburg family’s home.

She is now a Hamburg Mutt’s dog and they will need donations to fund the amputation of her leg immediately. She’s used to walking on three legs, so she should be OK. If you wish to donate, you may send via PayPal to Please use the family and friends option. Or you may mail a check to Hamburg Mutts for Freedom P.O. Box 713 Derby, NY 14047.

Reba’s vet is Eden Veterinary Clinic, 8217 N Main St, Eden, NY 14057. You may also make a donation directly to them to fund her surgery. Their contact info is 716-992-3477.

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