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Stranger makes Lockport boy’s day by buying him a tractor: ‘I was floored’

While at W.H. Rhinehart's in Middleport, a Lockport boy received the sweetest surprise.

A Lockport woman shared the sweetest story today and we knew we had to share it with you as well.

While at W.H. Rhinehart’s in Middleport, a boy and his babysitter were looking at toys after getting some leashes for their dogs. A gentleman noticed they were looking at tractors and the babysitter commented how expensive they were.

“Some were more than $100,” said Gwen Mahar. “They were collectible tractors for adults apparently.”

The little boy found a blue tractor and the man came over and asked him if he liked that one. The little boy replied, ‘Yes.’

“The guy said yeah that’s a really nice tractor and then took it. It seemed a little odd. Like we’re not leaving with the tractor, but did you have to take the only one right one right in front of him? I figured maybe he was getting it for his kid.”

Little did she know, the man had a surprise up his sleeve. He took the $35 tractor to the register, paid for it, and gave it back to the little boy.

“I was floored. He said ‘Here buddy, now it’s yours.’ I was like ‘Are you serious?’ He said ‘Absolutely. Any kid who likes farming is a good kid.'”

Thank you so much for your generosity.

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