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To the stranger at Walmart who offered to buy our groceries and handed my husband $300, thank you

By now you know how much we love our friend, Bentley Hayden, a 4-year-old boy who is battling cancer for the third time. He’s the strongest little boy we know and today someone who saw him from afar couldn’t help but notice how brave he is, too.

Krystal Hayden, Bentley’s mom, shared this incredibly sweet story with us in the hopes it might reach a stranger who did something that meant so much to their family.

“So we were at the self-checkout at Walmart on Anawana Lake Road in Monticello, N.Y. and there was a guy behind us at the diagonal self-checkout and as we were checking out he kept calling to get my husband, Phil’s, attention. Phil walked over to him and the man asked him if he could pay for our groceries. Phil kindly declined, so we checked out and Phil went to get the items we had from an online order and I went back with Bentley to see if they had a toy he wanted. Phil called me to see if I was almost done and so I come up to Phil and he said, ‘I have a story to tell you…that guy came back up to me. He apologized saying he didn’t mean any disrespect, he just wanted to help us and he walked away.’ But then he walked back up to Phil and said, ‘Please bud, I gotta do something…it’s nothing much but please take it.’ So he shook Phil’s hand and handed him money. He said God bless you and your family and your little boy and hugged Phil. When we got to the car Phil handed me the money –$300! I’ve been walking around Walmart and the parking lot looking for him and I can’t find him. I just want him to know how grateful we all are.”

If this story doesn’t give you goosebumps, we don’t know what will. Please share this story so this kind stranger can be thanked!

As 4-year-old boy gets ready to battle cancer for the third time, let’s make his wishes come true

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