1-year-old shelter dog who ‘walks on sunshine’ in need of a home

Artemis is only 1-year-old and has no idea what it’s like to live in a loving home. That doesn’t seem fair to us, so we are advocating for Sweet Artemis to see that he finds his forever home.

Artemis has been with Niagara SPCA since January. In that time, he’s quickly become a volunteer favorite. He loves to play, snuggle, and make everyone smile. He’s said to “walk on sunshine” because he’s always so happy even though he doesn’t have a home to call his own.

Artemis loves kids and other dogs. He’s not a fan of cats. He would make a perfect pet and best friend. To schedule a meet and greet with Artemis, call Niagara SPCA at 731-4368.

Check out Artemis here: https://www.facebook.com/239082059504276/posts/2192593977486398?sfns=mo.

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