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Bentley, boy who has stolen hearts all over WNY, has emergency surgery on spine to remove tumor

Bentley, the boy who has been stealing hearts all over WNY, was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery on his spine yesterday after he told his parents he couldn’t feel his legs.

Yesterday was an incredibly scary day for the Hayden family. Four-year-old Bentley, who has stolen the hearts of Western New Yorkers as they follow his strength during his cancer battle, was rushed to the hospital. He told his parents he couldn’t feel his legs and soon after he was being admitted for emergency surgery on his spine. His tumor had grown so large that it was surprising his spinal cord.

“They said we came in at the best time because if we had waited any longer he would have woken up paralyzed or worse,” said Krystal Hayden, Bentley’s mom.

Thankfully Bentley is doing better now. Krystal is so grateful for everyone’s love and support during this time.

“I can’t thank everyone enough for all the love and prayers! Today was an absolutely scary day! And I am so glad that Phil and I know bentley so well that we took him in. I could have woken up to Bentley completely paralyzed and or gone. Please always listen to your children even when you think they are too little or don’t actually know, they do.

I am blessed for the quick action today from both the covering fellow and the neurosurgeon and the MRI staff for getting him in immediately for scans and making the decision to rush him into surgery. At first I was upset that I was unable to say goodbye to Bentley especially knowing he was going in for a surgery – I’m glad the surgeon wasted no time!

Although it seems like I was dealt the worse hand,  I have to say I am quite blessed. Bentley is a real life superhero and nothing will stop him. He amazes me daily! I am so blessed to be his mama.”

We are still raising funds for Bentley. If you would like to make a donation to this superhero, you may do so here:

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