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Attune to Love: Author encourages others to let their heart lead

Is there something you desire, but you’re too afraid to go for it? One author is encouraging others to put all that fear aside and let their heart lead in her Attune to Love 2018 North American Tour.

“The mind will sometimes get in the way of your creative desires. It will trip you up with objection, but if you let your heart lead the way, nothing will stand in your way,” said Korrine Holt, the founder of Attune to Love. 

Holt knows exactly what it means to be fearful…she’s had her own trials and tribulations in life. She’s overcome 15 years of depression, an eating disorder, been through a divorce, and lived life as a single mom who moved often. When she and her son moved to Georgia, she didn’t know a single soul, but she took a chance anyways.

“My life has been a path of diving into the unknown and embracing change,” she said. “It’s about moving ahead in spite of the fear of the unknown.”

Which is why the poet, artist, author, and life coach is now on a mission to help others do the same. Her new book, Poetic Ascension, is part poetic and part illustrative and offers a sort of healing power to those who read it.

“Having developed curriculum for conscious leaders in business, I was accustomed to looking at things through the lens of leadership. So, when it came to attuning to love and looking at the relationship between the heart and mind, the question came to mind, ‘What is leading you?'”

Holt will be bringing her Attune to Love 2018 North American Tour to Western New York from Saturday, April 14th-Saturday, April 21st, with the following special engagements:

Poetic Ascension Author Talk & Book Signing @ The Bookworm (East Aurora, NY): Saturday, April 14th (1-3PM ET)

Poetry with Benefits @ The Audubon Library (Amherst, NY): Wednesday, April 18th (7-8:30PM ET)

The Art of Empowered Creativity @ Hilbert College’s McGrath Library (Hamburg, NY): Thursday, April 19th (7-8:30PM ET)

The Art of Well-Being @ The Santosha Holistic Center (Williamsville, NY): Friday, April 20th (7-9:30PM ET)

The Joy of Well-Doing @ The Be Healthy Institute (Hamburg, NY): Saturday, April 21st (6-8:30PM ET)

Holt says her tour will be more interactive than a usual book tour and give attendees an opportunity to discuss what is really holding them back.

“I want to let others know that what you want to create in life, whether it be better health, better relationships, a new business, a new fun hobby or skill…I will use my story and my experience to create a conversation that will hopefully spark creativity and inspiration for their lives and their communities,” she said.

Those who attend the Poetry with Benefits event on Wednesday, April 18th at the Audubon Library will also be entered into a raffle for five individual life coach sessions with Holt at half price. Holt said her sessions help others start thinking about the bigger picture and help them focus on what they really want to overcome. She looks forward to bringing her tour to the “City of Good Neighbors,” a place she’s heard nothing but good things.

“I don’t know any other city that has hashtag “Buffalove,” she said with a smile. “That says a lot about the ‘City of Good Neighbors,’ and when I planned my tour, I got nothing but good vibes about Buffalo.”

For more information on Korrine Holt and the Attune to Love 2018 North American Tour and to learn more about Attune to Love and Poetic Ascension, please visit:

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