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Prayers for Anastasia: 3-year-old girl battling brain tumor admitted to ICU

Anastasia Rafter is Niagara Falls is a beautiful 3-year-old girl who lights up any room. Sadly, she’s been battling a brain tumor for most of her life and these past few weeks have been difficult. She had to have her birthday party cancelled to go to NYC for treatment for her condition (mom made sure to have a smaller one for her before she left) and now she is being admitted o the ICU this morning. In a heartbreaking Facebook post, her mom shared what happened.

“We are in the ER waiting to be admitted to the ICU. I woke up to Anastasia breathing loud and rapidly and when trying to wake her, I couldn’t get a response. I brought her in right away and her oxygen levels were in the 80s and her blood pressure was 50s/40s.

They did blood work and a CT scan and everything came back ok. The CT scan was just to check to make sure her shunt was working, it does not get a clear image of her tumor. They also placed her on pcygen, gave her fluids and an antibiotic.

Since being here, her blood pressure has went up and as of right now, she doesn’t need oxygen. She is however, still not very responsive, but she did manage enough strength to call me a “buttface.”

No one has answers. I dont know how things went down hill so fast.”

Please join us in praying for sweet Anastasia and consider making a donation to her GoFundMe page, so her family can focus on her and not have to worry about expenses:

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