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Family’s pit bull could be euthanized tomorrow, please help

A Concord family is distraught. Their beloved pit bull “Chunk” bit a mail carrier and now the town is making a decision to put him down or not tomorrow at 5 p.m. Here is the story from the family’s lawyers, The Law Offices of Matthew Albert, Esq. We have to do something to help.

The following quote was published on Facebook:

“Chunk has been an ambassador for the breed in his four years of existence with his loving and large family in Concord, New York. Look at him. He loves children, other dogs, people… this is a wonderful dog. He is protective of his family and his space.

Some four or five weeks ago, a mail lady came to deliver a package. Federal regulations mandate that, if a dog is present where a package is to be delivered, the mail deliverer should leave the package elsewhere or just not deliver the package. Chunk was securely tethered to his station. The tether gave him about 10 feet to go either way. He barked at the mail lady, warning her not to approach his space. Beware of dog signs that were posted instructed her to do the same. Yet, she did walk right into him. Chunk, out of fear, bit her, and then retreated. This was a fear bite. This issue is fixable.

The lady was injured, which of course is unfortunate. She seems to be a very nice lady, and very understanding as to what happened. On the witness stand, she candidly admitted that Chunk can’t be expected to distinguish the difference between a nice mail lady walking into his space to deliver a package…and a strange intruder who intends to harm him or his family. She candidly admitted that Chunk had a reasonable belief to think he was protecting himself or his family, which would make him exempt from a dangerous dog finding by law. Right?

Wrong. Chunk was deemed dangerous. It didn’t stop there. The Town then hired Susan Sickles to examine Chunk. After doing so, she looked his owners in the eye, spoke of what a good dog Chunk was, and said she would advocate that his life be spared. Until… two days ago, without telling the owners, and out of nowhere, she changed her mind and is now recommending that he DIE. She has done this before. The dog control officer in Concord, Carol Robinson, has a vendetta against Chunk and his owners, and has been pulling every string possible to have him killed from the beginning. She has mistreated him when he was in her care, by neglecting him and keeping him in a tiny cage for some 20 days straight.

Chunk needs your helps. We need your help. There is a hearing on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 5 pm at the Town of Concord Justice Court, 86 Franklin St, Springville, NY 14141, that will determine Chunk’s fate. Chunk belongs home with his family. They will build a stockade fence and take every step necessary to ensure this doesn’t happen again. As a last resort, if needed, we would welcome Chunk into our arms at Against All Oddz Animal Alliance, my rescue that takes in dogs from the legal system where they have nowhere else to go, except death. However, our first mission is to get him home where he belongs.” #bringchunkhome

More than 5,000 people have signed a petition to help Chunk. You can sign here:

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