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Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband

I may not say it enough, but I really, really love my husband.

I may not say it enough, but I really, really love my husband.

Yes, he’s a pain in my butt and I’m a pain in his, but he and I have been through it all these past few years.


From getting married to having a beautiful baby boy shortly after, to figuring out how to be parents, buying a house, managing our chaotic lives, and trying not to lose touch of how we got to this amazing life in the first place. It hasn’t been easy. We’ve had to work very hard each and every single day, but even on our hardest days, I know no matter what, he’s my true soulmate.


What attracted me to him before is different now because I see a different man. I see the man who stuck by my side, held my hand and fed me ice chips for 22 hours when I gave birth to our son. I see the man who makes us dinner every night when I’m too tired to. I see the man who keeps our cupboards full of groceries and our laundry baskets empty (Yes, my husband does the laundry. You can get jealous now).

I also see the man who tries to make every day fun for our son and puts him before everything. I see the kind of man who many say no longer exists. The man who would rather hang out at the arcade with his family than watch television and drink beer. The man who tucks our baby into bed every night and makes sure we’re both all set before he goes to bed himself.


He traded the bachelor life that he had for so many years to start a family with me. He never questioned it when I moved in with him or when I told him my mother would be spending every Christmas with us! He let me keep my cat when he was allergic and opted to shave her instead. (We still have my cat and she gets to keep her fur!)

My point is marriage is tough. We’re so busy all the time trying to get through the day that we don’t really have time for ourselves. Sometimes I have to think really hard to remember a time that it was just my husband and I, but those were the easy times. It’s not hard to fall in love. It’s not hard to have fun and go on dates. The hard part is sticking by each other’s side when life gets tough and that’s exactly what he and I do. We’re not perfect, we both have our flaws, but one thing remains the same, I have the most amazing husband and I wouldn’t change him for the world.


Happy Valentine’s Day, my baby.

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