Help local girl who has been through more than anyone should win an adaptive bike

Anastasia Rafter of Niagara Falls is only 2 years old and has been through more than any little girl should. She has been battling a brain tumor for most of her life, which left her blind.

But while she hasn’t had it easy by any means, her illness has never taken away her sweet smile. She loves her mom and dad and little brother so much and they love her right back.

When her family saw a contest for an adaptive bike, they immediately signed up for a chance to win. Anastasia would love nothing more than to go on a bike ride with her big brother, with the wind blowing in her hair and the sun shining on her face. Unfortunately, she didn’t win the contest but we can still help her get the bike!

We are asking anyone who can to please make a donation for Anastasia. She only needs $1,370 to get the bike. I hope we can make this happen for her! You can donate here:

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