Incredible news! Bentley’s cancer treatment has been approved by insurance thanks to all of you

We didn’t know if it would happen, but thanks to you, Western New York and beyond, for your shares, calls and outrage that a little boy named Bentley Hayden who is battling cancer was not approved for the treatment he so desperately needed, his insurance company has had a change of heart and Bentley’s treatment has now been approved!

Bentley’s mom, Krystal Hayden, called Sweet Buffalo this morning with the amazing news, but we will let her tell you the story of what happened this morning in the video below!

“Bentley said to me, ‘Mom, good job! You did it!” I said, ‘We all did it, buddy.’”

Bentley’s GoFundMe page will be updated now to share the exciting news and all donations will go towards future medical expenses because while treatment was approved this time, others may not be. Thank you, Western New York!

An additional thank you to the amazing crew at Channel 7 Eyewitness News WKBW who immediately stepped up to help Bentley after learning about his story.

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