Shelter dog who is adopted after 500 days gets beautiful goodbye from friends

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Sweet Stories

Joey the shelter dog called Niagara County SPCA his home for the past 500 days and now today, he finally got his happily ever after.

A lovely woman and her boyfriend met Joey and instantly fell in love with him. His new mom had been sharing Joey’s story on social media until she finally had enough of seeing him in his kennel and made an appointment to adopt him. Joey was very fond of the two of them right away and it was almost like he was meant to be with them.

Today staff at the SPCA gave Joey a beautiful send-off, lining up to give him a piece of cheese and placing a lei around his neck as a sign of friendship. As much as Joey will probably miss his friends, he can now live the life he deserves with his humans who will love him unconditionally. Please share Joey’s story and adopt, don’t shop.

View Joey’s heartwarming send-off below


Shelter dog named Joey hasn’t found a forever home in 500 days


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