South Buffalo mom of seven gives birth to triplets!

Do you remember the story we featured over the holiday about the mom of seven who was now pregnant with triplets? Well, we have good news! The babies were born as healthy as can be and they are all girls!

Brighid Rosputni of South Buffalo did not want to know the gender before she had her babies, so she and her husband, Tom, were completely surprised!

Veira (Baby A) was born naturally on Feb. 12 and Vivian (Baby B) and Veida (Baby C) were born via C-section on Feb. 13.

Among her seven children, she also has a set of twin boys seen here holding their sweet sisters.

Overall, mama says she’s doing good, just tired.

“I’ve gotten probably eight hours since Monday night,” she laughed.

God bless this beautiful family. ❤️

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