The Griffon House invites homeless dog for St. Patrick’s Day meal to help him get adopted

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Sweet Business

It was one lucky day for a homeless rescue dog! The Griffin House in Lewiston teamed up with Sweet Buffalo and invited 4-year-old Simba for a special St. Patrick’s Day meal on the patio to help him get adopted.

Simba’s waiter was so kind and brought Simba his favorite meal of steak and carrots, followed by a nice plate of whipped
cream dessert that read “Adopt Me!” They even gave him a special T-shirt for him to wear to remember his day!

Simba is a rescue with Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue. He was dumped by someone in a large park in Texas. He hasn’t had much interest, so The Griffon House thought he deserved a nice day of being treated like a King!

If you’re interested in adopting Simba, fill out an adoption application here:

Watch Simba’s St. Patrick’s Day here:

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